Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chappel session for 14-10-2013

Hi all, and welcome to another entry about the chappel sessions. This entry is about the chapel session for 14/10/2013, where we had a band in called Selurians. They were a rock band with 2 songs. It was a very unplanned session, as we weren't sure whether we would have a band in or not. So it was a surprise when we turned up at the chapel and a band was playing. So we made our way to the control room and watched the camera's and audio being set up. It took about 10-15 minutes before everything was set up correctly, and the band started playing properly, and we started recording them. The band started to do a song called Dozey Rosey, but messed it up, so we did it again. It took five takes until they were happy with it, so then we moved on to the next song, which was called knock knockin'. That took 4 takes until they were happy with it, and when they listened back to both songs they decided they wanted to do Dozey Rosey again, so off they went back to the studio. Then they came back in to the control room to listen to it again, and they were happy with it. Dozey Rosey was a really catchy song, but I think the band could have been better oganised, for example the drummer, guitar and bass guitar were out of time with each other, and they were in a different time signiture. Also, the drummer kept coming in at the wrong time, causing the band to have to start again. They were a very nice band, and I think with practice, they could be really good. I think what I'm trying to say is, they have potential, and could become really good, if they work at it. After the band were happy with their two songs, we went in to the chapel and started taking down the equipment, and putting it all away. I tried to wrap up a xlr microphone cable, but I wasn't very good at it. Aventually though, with lots of curse words, I did it. THat's it until next time folks, Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. Well, that was a great session, not organised but good. Mention the fags next time.

    1. the fags that have nothing to do with the production or performance...

  2. Well done, the information is concise and clear and the to the point. Great blog!

  3. that was a really informative blog. it was a great session as well. i cant wait to read your next blog

  4. Good post, with some in depth information.

  5. Could do with more information of what went on production wise, opinion only