Monday, 16 September 2013

Introductory session

Hi, and welcome to this new blog, all about the chapel sessions that I will be helping to produce on a monday night in the chapel at RNC. This blog entry will be all about the introductory session, in which we were told about the course and what it would in tale. We also listened to a few different styles of music that had been produced in previous chapel sessions in previous years. We listened to some fully acoustic folk music, psychedelic rock and some traditional booze. I liked the psychedelic rock peaces the most because I have listened to that type of music before, and all ready liked it. I wasn't really a fan of the loose, only because I haven't really listened to enough artists in that field to work out whether it was a good standard or not. THe acoostic folk, however, I quite enjoyed. I enjoyed it because I quite like that sort of music, if I'm in the right mood. This is the end of this blog entry, but I promise they're'll be a new entry next week, so stay tuned and look out for it! Thanks for reading, Kieran.